Mexican singer Paulina Rubio said Friday that her ex-husband, Spanish businessman Nicolas "Colate" Vallejo Nagera, can only visit their son under the "supervision of a person who cares for the child's physical and mental safety."

With the statement released Friday by her attorneys, Rubio dismissed recent news stories saying that Colate had won the custody battle.

There was a court hearing in Miami on Wednesday after Rubio's lawyers filed an urgent motion arising from the legal dispute she has with Colate over access to the minor.

In the motion she asked the judge that Colate be allowed only restricted, supervised visits with the boy.

During the hearing, Rubio said under oath that her intention was not to end the joint-custody arrangement, but that due protection and care be assured for her son, Andrea Nicolas Vallejo Nagera.

According to her attorneys, the photos and videos presented by Rubio testify to Colate's "negligence" and carelessness with regard to the child.

The hearing resulted in an accord that from now on, Vallejo Nagera will only be allowed to visit the child in the presence of a responsible adult capable of caring for the child's safety, Rubio's attorneys said.

In an interview Wednesday on CNN en Español, Colate said, "Both of us must go forward and carry on with our lives, and above all be concerned about something that will unite us forever, which is our marvellous boy, Nico." EFE