Pepe Aguilar's children, Angela and Leonardo, are showing the public that they are the heirs to their father's talent with the release of "Nueva Tradicion," their first album of Mexican regional music.

The album is a "combination of two discs in one" since each sibling performs four different songs, the 13-year-old Leonardo told Efe.

"We each have four songs, I have three with a band and one mariachi (piece). The three with the band are 'Linda Chiquilla,' 'Tu Rey Leon,' which is my (first) single, 'Palomita Aventurera,' by Joan Sebastian, and 'Al Otro Lado del Porton,' by Ramon Ayala," the young singer said.

"Nueva Tradicion, which hit the market in Mexico on Nov. 6, was released on Tuesday at popular musician Pepe Aguilar's office in Calabazas, California. EFE