It was an unexpected turn of events for Emblem3 on “The X Factor” Thursday night, after the boy band was eliminated just a week before the finals.

On Wednesday it was Fifth Harmony who the judges, particularly Britney Spears, expected to be sent home by America after the girls performed Shontelle’s “Impossible” a second time, even singing parts of the song in Spanish.

“I will be very surprised if you are still here next week,” said Spears, while Simon Cowell, who is the girls’ mentor said he thought it would be “difficult” for Fifth Harmony “because the other three [acts] are so strong.”   

Like Spears, music label executive L.A. Reid had also showed little faith in the girl group and was “very shocked” that they were still around.

“Anything can happen,” he added.

Joining Fifth Harmony in the finals is Britney Spears’ voice-endowed Carly Rose Sonenclar, who is only 13 years old, and country music singer Tate Stevens.

“I’m very proud,” said Reid, who is Stevens’ mentor.  “I can’t even claim to have been a country music fan, but you know what? I am now,” he added.

Disney Channel star Bridget Mendler performed her catchy tune “Ready or Not” as confetti flew everywhere on stage, followed by an electric performance by Bruno Mars, who performed his latest hit “Locked Out of Heaven,” from his album “Unorthodox Jukebox.”

Despite losing one of his main acts, Cowell said these are some of the things that can happen in a singing competition like “The X Factor.”

"This is the way it goes," said Cowell. "I'm very, very disappointed. I am gutted for them."

Next week fans will get to see Cuban rapper Pitbull perform during the grand finale, along with English boy band One Direction.

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