The filming in San Juan of the action film "In the Blood" is one more step on the local authorities' road toward making Puerto Rico into the Caribbean's main movie set.

Luillo Ruiz, who via his company Pimienta is co-producing the movie, told Efe on Tuesday that "In the Blood" is a big-budget Hollywood film that is being shot in Puerto Rico thanks to the professionalism of the local personnel.

Regarding why "In the Blood" came to Puerto Rico to be filmed rather than going elsewhere in the United States like Hawaii, which has a very similar tropical landscape, Ruiz insisted it was the quality of the local movie-making talent, although he added that advantageous financial conditions provided by local authorities also played a role in the decision.

He said that since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, it is not necessary for citizens of that country to have a visa to come to the island, and he also noted that the availability of bilingual personnel was another reason why a number of important Hollywood productions have come here recently.

He lamented the fact, however, that the island still does not have a film studio.

The filming of "In the Blood" is going on in a district of San Juan and tells the story of a woman (Gina Carano) who tries to find her husband, who disappeared during their honeymoon on the Caribbean island.

The film is being directed by John Stockwell and also includes Cam Gigandet, Stephen Lang and Treat Williams in its cast.

Other films shot in Puerto Rico this year include "Welcome To The Jungle" and "Riding 79." While in 2010, the island hosted the filming of "Fast Five" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 4." EFE