The Mexican contemporary dance company Realizando Ideas (Performing Ideas) debuted Saturday in India with a show entitled "Antropia," which it staged at the Cervantes Institute in this capital.

This was a collective work of the company made up of Jessica Sandoval, Claudi Sandoval and Renata Weimar, which explores the challenge of "heroically fighting disorder," according to the show's introductory text.

To project that idea, members of the group made use of musical, visual and multidisciplinary techniques to aid reflection on such esoteric topics as the concept of utopia and the perception of the universe, space and time.

Realizando Ideas is an artistic company that since its founding in 2006 has staged a series of avant-garde works.

The company's performance in India was made possible thanks to a project of cooperation between the Mexican Embassy in India and the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi. EFE