Colombian artist Fernando Botero's bronze sculpture "Caballo" (Horse) was sold for $938,500 at a Christie's auction of Latin American art in New York.

The sculpture, which depicts a monumental Renaissance horse and features the exaggerated volume that is his trademark, was the star item of the auction.

Another Botero sculpture, "Mujer reclinada" (Reclining Woman), was sold for $314,500, while two of his paintings - "Mujer" (Woman) and "Monja comiendo una manzana" (Nun Eating an Apple) - were purchased for $386,500 and $602,500, respectively.

The work "Tres personajes en un interior" by Mexico's Rufino Tamayo (1899-1991) was sold for $698,500, while his "Hombre con pajaros" (Man with Birds) went for $338,500.

Cuban artist Tomas Sanchez's landscape "Buscador de paisajes" (Landscape Searcher) was sold for $626,500, while his painting "Llegada del caminante a la laguna" went for $602,500.

One of the most provocative and beautiful portraits by Diego Rivera (1886-1957) - the virtually unknown "Portrait of Linda Christian" - also was sold at the auction for $578,500.

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