Alejandro Sanz, who on Dec. 6 will give a concert in Miami, said that the Hispanic community has "a great many things" to contribute to the United States and thanked the Latino public for their support during the more than 20 years of his career.

"Latinos have a great many things to contribute: their way of living day to day, their feeling of unity and of family, their musicality and their culture, their traditions and their history," the Spanish musician told Efe.

"I feel very linked to Latin America and to the Hispanic world in general. I experience its day to day (character) close up. I feel very honored by the very important support that the Latino public provides me and the best thing that occurs to me to say to them is thanks for the affection they give me," he said.

Sanz's upcoming concert in Miami will be broadcast live via the Terra Web site simultaneously to 19 countries, including the United States, Spain and other nations in Latin America.

The Spanish singer, who has sold more than 22 million albums, said he is "thrilled to be able to connect with so many different people, from several countries at the same time."

"It's marvelous that the music and those of us who enjoy it can use the advances of technology in this way," said Sanz, who has some 8 million followers on Twitter. EFE