The Guadalajara International Book Fair, or FIL, fully expects representatives of the Spanish book industry to be on hand for the 26th edition of the event despite the difficulties they face from their country's economic crisis.

"These are lean years for Spain but they've already opened a very important path to the future and some are reading the situation this way: we can't just drop a market we've already conquered so we'd better continue to work it," FIL director Nubia Macias told Efe in an interview.

"What is most interesting, and seems to me very symbolic and very important, is the effort Spain is making, it's how despite the crisis they don't want to neglect their importers and exporters, the people who move the economy with that cultural sector which is the book industry," Macias said.

The world's largest book fair in the Spanish language - and the most important get-together for writers and publishers - opens on Nov. 24.

Macias acknowledges that something of the problems besetting the Spanish publishing industry will be seen this year in the number of companies that show up at Guadalajara, but her feeling is that many will be there to continue with FIL so as not to lose contact with Latin America, a region that has given them excellent results.

"I believe the Spaniards are making an effort not to be left behind in Latin America and to continue doing business, which I believe they should," she said. EFE