Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin joined Barack Obama's reelection campaign and stood beside first lady Michelle Obama at a rally in Orlando, Florida, on the eve of America's closest presidential elections in recent times.

"This is my first time at a political rally and I'm glad it's here in Orlando," Martin told Obama supporters on Monday.

"We respect his (Obama's) steady and strong foreign policy, and respect what he's done at home fighting for equal opportunity for the Hispanic community and all communities, because we're all together in this," the artist said.

"We're 50 million Latinos and if we want and if we vote, we can give the president four more years in the White House," Martin said.

The artist particularly appreciated the attitude shown by the president toward gays.

"We admire the courage that he (Obama) has shown in upholding his convictions about marriage equality," the singer said.

"Thank you, president, and thanks also in the name of my children," the singer of "La Vida Loca" said at an event during which the first lady described her husband as "decent and honest." EFE