Actress Nadine Velazquez fulfilled one of her professional dreams in "Flight" starring Denzel Washington, which premieres Friday.

In this story of a heroic pilot with a devastating secret, Velazquez plays the flight attendant whose duty is to help the passengers during a terrible air accident.

"I always wanted to scream and cry and plead for my life in a movie, and this is my chance!" Velazquez, born in Chicago of Puerto Rican parents, told Efe.

The actress became known for the television series "My Name Is Earl" and now has recurrent roles in two others: "The League" and "Heart of Dixie".

She discovered her love for acting as a little girl and began her career in a television commercial.

From there her career took off and among her most recent credits are "War" with Jason Statham, and the film made for television "Husband for Hire."

In "Flight", Nadine is the faithful lover of Washington's character. But this role is not as innocuous as it might appear at first sight. Her character is guilty of covering up a very dangerous secret.

"The series 'My Name Is Earl' made me known, but I think this movie will change the way the industry sees me," said the artist, who hopes to use this opportunity to help Latinos struggling to find their place in the Hollywood limelight. EFE