Colombian songstress Shakira, recently named one of the new coaches on the fourth season of “The Voice,” is said to have badly chipped one of her teeth after biting into a cookie, is reporting.

The gossip site says that a pregnant Shakira took the accident light-heartedly and laughed it off. The star, who had begun filming blind auditions of "The Voice," was taken to a dentist to fix her signature smile.

The site also claims that production of the singing competition came to a halt until Shakira had her full set of teeth in order.

Last month, producers of “The Voice” announced that the show will be getting some hip-shaking Colombian swag.

The singing competition revamped its third season and swapped its current Latina judge Christina Aguilera for the sultry "Hips Don't Lie" singer Shakira.

Aguilera decided to take a break from “The Voice” to focus on her upcoming tour and new album release “Lotus.”

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