Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez was to undergo a procedure on Tuesday at a Houston hospital to extract tissue samples for a biopsy of a small lump discovered on his liver.

The news was announced by Fernandez himself on Monday in Chicago, where he attended a ceremony naming a street after him.

In a statement to reporters after the ceremony he said that during a routine medical checkup, a 2-centimeter (3/4-inch) lump was discovered on his liver "that shouldn't be there."

Though he said he wasn't afraid, the 72-year-old "King of the Ranchera" asked his fans to pray for him so that "it will all come out beautifully."

"I'm a person who is always ready to accept what God wishes, and I hope this comes out as everything in my life has, and that God helps me and that people continue to feel love for me," he said.

According to a close associate of Fernandez cited Tuesday in the Texas Spanish-language daily La Voz, the singer will be operated Tuesday afternoon at a Houston hospital and for now has suspended the concerts he had scheduled in the Lone Star State as part of his farewell tour.

According to La Voz, on Wednesday the singer and his doctors will review how he is doing and will decide if he can perform in Texas or not. EFE