Spanish sculptor Alberto Bañuelos' exhibition "The Liturgy of Words" was inaugurated at the National Museum of Anthropology in the Mexican capital, the first ever by a European artist in this gallery, one of Latin America's leading cultural centers.

The exhibit is made up of more than 100 sculptures created by the artist with his characteristic "deconstruction" technique in stone, marble, granite and boulders.

The works harmonize with the museum's Mesoamerican pieces, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic pieces from the Mezcala, Olmec, Toltec, Mexica and Huasteca cultures.

"It's an exhibition that brings out the relationships art always has, and despite the fact that the names of the artists of pre-Columbian Mexico are unknown...they do represent the strength and thought of a community," museum director Diana Isabel Magaloni said at the inauguration ceremony.

As curator of the Mexican part of the exhibit, Magaloni said the idea was to make "a selection that could establish a dialogue with, but not overpower, the works" of Bañuelos, since some pieces "could take anybody's breath away" and might have overshadowed the creations of the Spanish artist born in Burgos in 1949.

"They engage in a dialogue because these minerals, the stones, have been formed by nature and only great artists dare to work them with their hands, great artists of the past and now the sculptor Bañuelos," the curator said.

The artist was present at the inauguration but spoke little apart from expressing his gratitude, saying he would rather let his works do the talking.

As he told Efe a few weeks ago in an interview, the grand scale of the Mexican museum's galleries led the sculptor to make pieces of 2,000 to 3,000 kilos (4,400 to 6,600 pounds) though his usual creations weigh around 100 kilos (220 pounds).

Several of the pieces are huge 3-ton heads that represent fallen warriors.

The exhibition by the artist, winner of the 2011 Castile and Leon Prize for the Arts, opened Monday and will remain on view until late February in the Indigenous Cultures gallery of the museum in the Mexican capital. EFE