Spanish singer Beatriz Luengo arrived in Miami two years ago as an independent artist and, thanks to her recent album "Bela y sus mosquitas muertas," she has now garnered a Latin Grammy nomination.

"It's becoming more and more difficult for us to get (recording companies) to promote our work internationally," said the Spanish artist, who became well-known in her homeland with the popular television series "Un paso adelante" (One Step Forward), out of which emerged the UPA Dance group, where she was the lead singer.

Despite the success she achieved with her first albums in Europe, Luengo was not able to get her label to back her career plans in the New World.

For that reason, she decided to strike out on her own, although she admitted that she was "aware of the complexity of coming to a country and achieving a hit."

After making this important decision, Beatriz came to Miami with her boyfriend Yotuel Romero, a member of the Cuban trio Orishas, to first try and get a work visa, set up house and seek a new record label, finally landing a deal with Sony.

That is how her fourth album - "Bela y sus mosquitas muertas" - came to be recorded and now it has been nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album category.

"For me, (this album is named for) all those girls who identify themselves a lot with me, who have a certain shyness or a certain sweet attitude toward life, but who achieve what they set out to do without stepping on anyone or imposing," she said.

In Spanish, the slang phrase "mosquita muerta" (dead little fly) means a harmless, inoffensive person. EFE