Yoel Henriquez, nominated this year for two Latin Grammy Awards, is a versatile composer who writes tropical tunes for Milly Quezada and Tito Nieves as well as songs in the regional Mexican category for Los Rieleros del Norte.

Henriquez has been nominated seven times in different categories for Latin Grammy Awards, and took one home in 2010 for Best Regional Mexican Song with "Amarte a la Antigua" (Loving You the Old-Fashioned Way), sung by Pedro Fernandez.

The tireless 39-year-old composer is watchful of the demands of the competitive Latin music industry and has made a successful entry into the lucrative regional Mexican market.

About this crossover, Henriquez told Efe in an interview that what matters is "the music, that is the basis of everthing and what is most important, because music is a universal language."

"For me a hit is a hit, and when a song has all the right elements so that people make it their own, who cares what the market category is," he said.

Though he never studied music formally, his passion for the art has led him to compose more than 200 songs and produce for artists like the Spanish singer Chenoa and Puerto Rico's Ana Isabel.

This year he has two nominations in the Best Tropical Song category for "Toma Mi Vida" (Take My Life), sung by Milly Quezada and Juan Luis Guerra, and "Eres Linda" (You're Pretty) by Tito Nieves.

He is also readying his first album as a singer-songwriter, "a dream postponed and whose time has come, if only for my own pleasure," he said. EFE