Peruvian musician Tony Succar has gathered great artists like La India, Tito Nieves, Michael Stuart and Obie Bermudez to pay tribute to the late King of Pop through a project of his dubbed "Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson."

Succar has around 80 musicians pledged to record cuts on the disc that will launch in early 2013, and which will also feature the voices of Jan, Kevin Ceballos, Jennifer Peña and rapper Pino Grio.

The Peruvian told Efe in an interview that he feels more than grateful to the artists involved in a dream that began after Jackson died in 2009 and Succar began to experiment with his own tropical versions of the late superstar's songs.

"It all comes together. It all comes together because American music comes from jazz, from soul, from funk, which is what Michael did. That came from Africa, while the salsa, which is Afro-Cuban music, and the Puerto Rican style with bomba and plena have the same connection," Succar said.

Succar then began to record songs like "Billie Jean" and "Blame It on the Boogie," which are now on the tribute disc.

Though he still didn't have the vocalists lined up for his project, Succar applied for permission to use the songs.

It wasn't easy, since his proposal was rejected on several occasions, but everything started to change when he spoke of the artists who were going to perform on the disc.

"Thanks to the names of the artists taking part, the record label started listening to me. And when they heard the arrangements they gave me authorization under very fair conditions," he said.

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