Mexican filmmaker and author Guillermo del Toro will adapt his vampire novel trilogy "The Strain" into a television series, in collaboration with "Lost" executive producer Carlton Cuse, the showbiz blog Deadline said.

The FX channel landed the series and has ordered production of a pilot episode that will be co-written, directed and produced by Del Toro himself, who is best known for his 2006 Oscar-winning film "Pan's Labyrinth."

Chuck Hogan, co-author of the trilogy, will also help write the screenplay for the first episode.

Del Toro said he believes his trilogy has the potential to air from three to five seasons, and that he would love to direct as many episodes as his busy schedule permits.

In the first book, "The Strain," a Boeing 777 lands in Washington D.C. with all the passengers dead and signs that a strange being had been aboard the plane. Then it is discovered that all this is the work of vampires out to put an end to civilization.

"We started receiving offers for movies and TV rights after the publication of the first book but we didn't want do anything because we didn't want that train of thought to influence the way we were writing the books," Del Toro told Deadline.

The Mexican said that the first book can cover a season, as can the second entitled "The Fall." In the case of the third, "The Night Eternal," he believes it could be extended to two seasons since there are stories that he cut from the book and kept for the series.

Shooting of the first chapter is scheduled for September 2013, after the premiere of "Pacific Rim," Del Toro's next movie. EFE