Spanish actress Penelope Cruz denied in a statement having told an Italian newspaper that she planned to make movies in Spain to create jobs.

The Italian daily La Stampa had quoted Cruz as saying, "I'll produce a couple of films a year. A way to give work to hundreds of people. It's a set idea I have."

"The crisis is too serious a matter to allow my words to be misinterpreted or manipulated," Cruz said.

The actress said she decided to break with her usual practice of not sending statements to the media "to clear up or correct anything" because this time "it is worth it to do it."

Cruz acknowledged telling La Stampa about her "concern over the crisis" in Spain and over "the future of Spanish film," as well as having said that she "hoped" her actions "will serve, for example, to encourage the selection of Spain to make co-productions or to promote or even co-produce some project," like the one she has spent "years trying to move forward."

The actress said this had "little to do" with the statement "I'll produce a couple of films a year in Spain to give work to hundreds of people," as reported by the Italian newspaper on Saturday.

Cruz, who has been a muse for filmmakers Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen, said the statement "carries an arrogant tone" that "has nothing to do with what I wanted to express."

"They also manipulated my responses about other issues, including the unemployment situation in Spain, which I find especially serious," Cruz said in the statement.

"This is not the first time (an interview) has been distorted," Cruz said, adding that since it dealt "with such delicate matters, I did not want to leave things unclarified" on this occasion. EFE