Production company El Deseo is working fiercely these days at Ciudad Real Central Airport building the mock-up of a jetliner that Pedro Almodovar will use in his film "I'm So Excited" starring Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas.

Construction workers, cranes, trucks and freight lifts are in constant action here to be able to finish the model of an Airbus A-380 that the director will use to shoot scenes of an emergency landing.

The mock-up is placed near aircraft parked on the runway near the airport passenger terminal, where other scenes from the comedy are also scheduled to be filmed.

The fuselage of the model jetliner has been taking shape day by day to get it ready for early September so Almodovar and his technical crew can begin shooting scenes for the movie.

Almodovar plans to film a passenger plane emergency involving fire trucks, emergency services vehicles and police patrol cars, along with some 150 extras cast in his native province of Ciudad Real. EFE