Benicio del Toro is one proud daddy!

For the first time the “Che” actor was spotted with his new baby girl Delilah and former girlfriend Kimberly Stewart taking a stroll with their daughter in L.A.

Entertainment website published the photos of the new parents on Monday.

Benicio del Toro and Stewart, who is the daughter of rock star Rod Stewart, welcomed their baby girl on August 21st  of last year in L.A. Calif. The magazine claims that the actor was celebrating his daughter’s birthday and was spending time with her and Stewart.

Del Toro’s Rep told Entertainment publication US Weekly last year that although he and Stewart are not officially together, he is very happy with the birth of the baby.

"Benicio is the father and very supportive," the rep told US Weekly. “She was born weighing 8lbs 9oz and measured 22 inches.”

According to, Del Toro, who stars in Oliver Stone’s latest drama “Savages,” alongside fellow Mexican actress Salma Hayek, maintains a close friendship with Stewart despite they are no longer a couple.

“Benicio is a very involved father,” Stewart told Hola a few months back. “Delilah has a very special bond with him.”

Recently Del Toro was the official spokesman for "Aprendí a quererme" (I learned to love myself) a campaign aimed at urging people in his native Puerto Rico to love themselves and reject domestic violence.

Del Toro gave motivational messages along with the Christian pop rock group Sueño de Hormiga in the general media, on Facebook and the Web page

"Who the heck said that to really love you have to put up with so many insults, shouting and humiliations. Get out of here ... Learn to love yourself," Del Toro demands in one of the television ads.