Fat Joe wants the ladies to know they are his “Pride and Joy.”

The Bronx native of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent released his new music video “Pride and Joy” featuring rapper and Kim Kardashian’s main squeeze Kanye West along with rap mogul Busta Rhymes and fellow Latino newcomer Miguel.

The video was released on MTV.com on Sunday.

Unlike recent songs popular these days, which feature more of a dance and electronica beat to them, Fat Joe’s new single has more of a mellow, laid-back feel to it.

In the song the rapper, whose real name is Joseph “José” Antonio Cartagena, talks about wanting a girl and “even if it’s all about the money” he does not care because he “got a lot of money so maybe we can share.”

A slimmer Fat Joe donned shades, multiple fitted jackets and at times a Chicago White Sox cap.

Recently, Fat Joe sat down with Fox News Latino and discussed his weight-loss journey.

The “What’s Luv?” singer, who at one point weighed 300 lbs., has made his health a priority and over the past year has lost close to100 lbs.

He stars in a new health-based cooking show with Queen Latifah. 

"We are doing rice and chicken for Marc Anthony!” he says, explaining that arroz con pollo (rice and chicken) is Marc Anthony’s “favorite dish” and that he wanted to “give him the taste test.”

“Then we sit on the side, and I interview him and ask him some questions that nobody else will be able to ask," Fat Joe adds, "because he’s family.”

Through a revamped diet and a rigorous exercise program, the Bronx native has lost a monumental amount of weight. But he is not yet done.  

When asked if he had reached his goal, Fat Joe said: “I’m not even nowhere near. I’m gonna go from the guy you know as Fat Joe for 16 years to a whole different, transformed person.”

Fat Joe’s Puerto Rican and Cuban background makes many wonder if he still eats the same Latino foods that he and many other Hispanics indulge in daily, but that can be rich and diet-averse.  

The rapper says he “loves lechon, been eating pork for 16 years. I love all the normal stuff every Spanish person eats but I just stopped the carbs. I’ll eat my lobster, I’ll eat my fish, but with vegetables, I’m not eating carbs.”

Restaurants, he said, can be anathema to eating the right foods.

“They give you like a pound of rice, they think they're looking out for you but they're killin’ you,” Fat Joe said, who is about 6' 2" tall, and before switching to a healthier lifestyle weighed more than 350 lbs.

“That’s why people are dying young, we're eatin’ fried foods and a lot of rice, we just gotta scale back.”