Matador Fernando Cruz, badly gored this week at Madrid's La Ventas bull ring, is sedated in the intensive care unit at Virgen del Mar Hospital "and there are no deadlines for his recovery," the physician who treated the injured man in the bull ring's first aid station told Efe on Thursday.

"His condition is stable. He had a very troubled night despite the sedatives, all due to the magnitude of the mishap. And it's still too soon to guess what's going to happen in the coming hours," Dr. Maximo Garcia Padros said.

He described Cruz's goring on Wednesday as "the worst we have had this year at the Madrid bull ring."

Cruz's convalescence "will be lengthy, at least a month, and that's if all goes well. He will have to spend the first 10 days in the hospital, since his injuries are great. And then he will go home to finish his recovery. But nothing is certain, and to make forecasts we have to wait at least another day or two," Garcia Padros said.

The matador was gored when he was using the cape in the third fight of the afternoon, a difficult bull that did not give in, when suddenly the animal halted on an attempt to pass by him on the right.

The bull then went directly for him, caught him with its horn and once it had hooked him it shook him on the spike for several seconds.

Cruz was brought to the aid station bleeding copiously and was operated on immediately there. EFE