Univision television announced an alliance with the Center for Investigative Reporting to "jointly produce investigative stories relevant to Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States and Latin America."

"When one thinks about doing a real service to the community, one can't only think about reporting the day-to-day news. Journalism also must serve its role of vigilance, and investigation is fundamental to that," Univision News President Isaac Lee told Efe.

The joint production between the largest U.S. Spanish-language television network and the California-based CIR will provide reporting for Univision's daily newscasts as well as specials.

In this way, Univision will increase its journalistic work on Latin America and the U.S. West Coast, where reporters are currently working on stories about the U.S.-Mexico border, corruption among government officials, abuses of immigrants and the controversial Operation Fast and Furious.

Lee said the alliance constitutes a new step in reporting and preparing documentaries initiated by Univision a year ago which has garnered it several awards and has received positive feedback from its viewers.

"That means that the audience is prepared for the deep reporting, while they see that there's work behind it and a story with all the elements. That ensures that you're not only fulfilling a responsibility as a journalist, but also with the company to have good results," he said. EFE