Colombian singer Shakira and Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique will become the parents of a baby boy in late January 2013 that they have given the nickname of "Ulicito," the Colombian magazine Gente said in its latest edition.

The publication said it has seen the results of the latest ultrasound that the artist had in Miami 10 days ago, and provides further details about the top-secret pregnancy that the future mom and dad have kept completely in the dark.

In fact the artist's representatives in Colombia told Efe that the couple has decided not to make any statement about the pregnancy, which according to the magazine has now passed its 13th week.

The Gente article displays photos of the couple's trip to Miami and says that the doctor who attended the Barranquilla native is called Victor H. Gonzalez-Quintero, "who told them there is an 80 percent probability it will be a boy."

In her most recent public appearances, Shakira has worn loose clothing with her purse across her body and has posed strategically with the Barcelona defenseman blocking any view of her abdomen.

Before learning the baby's sex, the future parents called it either "Ulicito" or "Ulicita" and apparently told her doctors, both in Barcelona and in Miami, that the birth will be by Cesarean section.

"Shakira is totally happy and like any modern mom has not allowed the pregnancy to affect her daily life," the magazine said, adding that while she has kept up her musical activities in a disciplined way, "she has lowered the rate of her live appearances." EFE