Oscar Isaac has one of the most interesting roles in "The Bourne Legacy," the espionage and action film opening this week in U.S. theaters.

However, just like the character he plays, the 32-year-old actor must measure his words to preserve the mystery.

"I can't give many details without ruining the suspense," Isaac said. "I can only tell you that I play Agent 3, a very mysterious guy. You never know what his motivations are or where his loyalties lie," Isaac told Efe during an interview held from Los Angeles.

When he is not on the road filming, Isaac, who was born in Guatemala to a Cuban father and Guatemalan mother, stays in Miami the city where he grew up and has made his home. 

Apart from these details, he offers little information about his private life. The reason is very simple: Isaac doesn't want to be a show business personality; his goal is to be able to lose himself in his characters.

"I like being like a chameleon who transforms himself with each role," he said.

Isaac began his film career in "The Nativity Story." To that, he has added credits in "All About the Benjamins" and "Body of Lies," where he worked with Leonardo Di Caprio, and "Agora," with Rachel Weisz.

In addition, Isaac has just finished filming "Inside Llewin Davis," the latest project by two of his movie idols, brothers Joel and Ethan Cohen.

"In this film I play a folk music singer of the 1970s and I had the opportunity to write five songs that are going to come out on the film's soundtrack," he said enthusiastically. 

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