Selena Gomez banned from Facebook? Huh? Stop the presses!

A New Mexico resident also named Selena Gomez has been banned from accessing her Facebook account because the social media site thinks she is trying to falsify the identity of SelGo.

TMZ is reporting that the 18-year-old Selena Miranda Gomez is furious because she has tried to access her account and Facebook keeps denying her access.

The entertainment publication says that Miranda Gomez tried to access her account on Wednesday but that Facebook sent her a message saying her request was shut down because it is “inauthentic.”

She then found out that her account was disabled all together because according to Facebook “impersonating anyone or anything is not allowed.”

Meanwhile the real Selena Gomez took some time to chat with Fox News Latino about her upcoming film “Hotel Transylvania.”

SelGo says that she enjoyed lending the voice to the 118-year-old Vampire Mavis.

“It’s a family-oriented movie and it touches on monsters and Dracula and all the stories that have been around for ages,” Gomez told Fox News Latino.

Gomez says she was a bit intimidated at first when working with popular comedian Adam Sandler, who plays Gomez’s father in the film. She adds that it didn’t take long for her to bond with Sandler.

“He [Adam Sandler] was really supportive, really funny, he was super happy with the movie, which makes me happy,” Gomez said.