There’s nothing like a grandmother’s love and Paris Jackson is letting the world know that.

The only daughter to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, tweeted her excitement as her grandmother, Katherine, returned to Los Angeles after many thought she went missing but was later said to be resting at her daughter Rebbie's home in Arizona.

“grandma's here! #thankyougod," Paris posted on her Twitter account on Thursday.

On Wednesday things got heated between Paris, and her aunt, singer Janet Jackson, when the two allegedly got into an brawl regarding the whereabouts of MJ’s mother and caretaker of his children, Katherine.

Reportedly Janet Jackson slapped Paris, calling her a "spoiled b---h." Paris in return told her to “get the f—k out” of her house.

But now Paris is taking it all back and publicly apologized for her behavior on Twitter.

“A lot of ppl have been saying that i ‘changed,’” she posted. “I wanna apologize for the attitude.”
“There’s just a lot going on… i promise: the ego = gone(:” she added.

As momma Jackson headed back home, TMZ reported that she was stripped of her custody rights to look after MJ’s kids Paris, Prince and Blanket—MJ’s Latino son.

TMZ says that TJ Jackson, Tito Jackson’s son, has now been given custody of MJ’s three children.

The publication adds that TJ is looking to get permanent custody and that despite reports of Katherine being devastated about losing the custody rights, she agreed for TJ to take over.

TMZ also claims that according to the L.A. judge who gave TJ the custody rights, Katherine was stripped of the guardianship because “third parties,” which are believed to be Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie, are preventing Katherine from being the caretaker of MJ’s kids.