After controversy erupted over a scene in “Step-Up: Revolution” in the wake of the Colorado movie theatre shooting, movie executives decided to keep the scene in the movie.

Discussions began because a scene in the film, which opens Friday and stars Mexican-American actor Ryan Gúzman, depicts the main dance squad dressed in body vests and gas masks as they interrupt a party by shooting gas grenades around.

James Holmes, the Aurora movie theatre shooter, wore similar attire and a gas mask during the massacre. He also released a gas canister prior to opening fire in the packed “The Dark Knight Rises” screening, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.

The decision to keep the scene came after a Summit Entertainment meeting was held, reported.

Though the “Step-Up” scene seems ominous, it is not. The flash mob-style squad immediately engages in a “protest” dance routine. Very little violence is shown, even as police officers break up the disruption.

Summit Entertainment has removed TV advertising that include the controversial scene. The rest of “Step-Up: Revolution” is as lighthearted as its franchise predecessors.

“Step-Up: Revolution” is not the only film that has come under controversy since the Aurora shooting.  

Unlike “Step-Up: Revolution,” the upcoming flick, “Gangster Squad,” will undergo changes due to a pivotal Aurora-sensitive scene.

The new gangster flick, starring Michael Peña and Ryan Gosling, had a scene where mobsters shot up a crowd at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Calif.

The scene was meant to be a major draw of the film, but executives have decided keeping the scene would be insensitive in the wake of the Aurora shooting.

Warner Bros. delayed the “Gangster Squad” release date from September 7 to January 11, 2013, to providing time for re-writes and re-shoots.

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