Rapper Pitbull has become a partner and board member of the Miami Subs Grill fast-food chain, the president of the company announced.

Richard Chwatt, the general manager of the Fort Lauderdale-based chain, made the announcement Tuesday evening at a private party with franchisees and directors of the chain founded in 1980, although he did not reveal the terms of the agreement with the singer, the media reported on Wednesday.

The agreement authorizes to the rapper, who began his artistic career as a teenager on the Miami rap scene, a "significant" position in the chain, which has more than 40 stores, mainly in South Florida.

The alliance will help to re-launch a brand that has languished in recent years.

Evidently, the accord gives 31-year-old Armando Christian Pérez - which is Pitbull's real name - the rights to expand the chain in some areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The musician has been a regular customer of Miami Subs Grill since he was a teenager.

He said at the private party that he was there as a "partner, not as a spokesman" for the firm, adding that "The Pitbull team is joining the Miami Subs team." 

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