Though one day he'd like to be known for his own achievements in music and no longer as the "son of Emmanuel," Mexican singer Alexander Acha told Efe that he knows he'll never stop being identified that way because his father is "one of the greats."

"If he were some insignificant character in the world of music, maybe nobody would say 'the son of,' but my dad is one of the greats and so in my lifetime that's never going away," the 27-year-old artist said in an interview with Efe.

So, the young musician acknowledged, even though he achieves success and "gets to be even greater" than Emmanuel, it won't matter, he'll always be known as the son.

"That doesn't bother me, just the opposite, it reminds me of who my father is," he said about one of the most renowned performers of Mexican music and the author of hit tunes like "Chica de Humo" (Girl of Smoke) and "Bella Señora."

"I talk to him a lot, he gives me advice, he spoils me, he calms me down because sometimes I get hyper and want to eat the world in a single bite, I bolt like a colt but my dad reins me in, he enjoys his hits with me and is sympathetic about my fiascos - he's a great pal, a great friend, my confidant and my accomplice," he said.

With two discs on the market, Acha presented Tuesday a new edition of his second work entitled "La Vida Es...Amor Sincero" (Life Is...True Love"), to which he has added six new tracks and a DVD, that will go on sale in Mexico next July 26.

The winner of the 2009 Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist, Acha sings a song with his father, "Vida" (Life), and said that while now is not the time, one day he'd like to make a complete album of duets with him.

The artist admits that being Emmanuel's son has made his work easier in some ways, it has opened many doors, it's like "bait," but that afterwards he's had to work harder than usual to show that he's more than a name.

"Yes, this comes with its own responsibility. Being the son of Emmanuel and having been told that from the time I was a kid has to bear fruit, you have to be worthy of what your life represents," Acha said. EFE