Mexican singer Julieta Venegas, who calls herself "a pianist disguised as an accordionist," is returning to Spain on a European tour to present her latest album "Otra Cosa."

The performer of hits such as "Limon y Sal," "Lento" and "Bien o mal" - in a telephone interview with Efe - reviewed some of the details of her musical career before her appearances in Madrid and the northern city of Lanuza.

"I think that perseverance is the key to earning a niche in this world," said Venegas, who initially was more of a rock performer but then moved into pop.

In her work as a songwriter, the composer of "Me voy," another of her best-known singles, revealed that when she writes songs, she bases her work "on emotions."

In speaking about "Otra Cosa," the album that she put out after her "MTV Unplugged," which appeared in 2008, Venegas emphasized how "nice" it is to return to cities that she had visited in the past. EFE