Award-winning Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso will be honored as the 2012 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year.

The academy announced Tuesday that the tribute will be made on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas at a ceremony during which various artists will perform Veloso's songs.

Part of the funds collected that night will go to the Viva Cazuza Foundation, which was chosen by Veloso and is devoted to the prevention and treatment of HIV in children and youths. The rest of the money received will be invested in aid and education programs sponsored by the Latin Recording Academy.

"Caetano Veloso has become the preeminent ambassador of Brazilian music and culture," Gabriel Abaroa Jr., the President/CEO of The Latin Recording Academy, said.

"It is difficult to find a man with such immense talent, passion and dedication to his creative projects - whether in music, writing or activism," Abaroa said. "By celebrating Caetano, we celebrate Brazil, and we look forward to honoring his amazing career and music."

As the Academy noted, Veloso became famous for his participation in the Tropicalia movement, which represented a new generation of artists that openly expressed their political opinions and refashioned the face of Brazilian popular music.

During his career, Veloso has recorded more than 40 albums, published five books, directed a film and won numerous awards. EFE