The streets of Caracas once again are inspiring Venezuelan singer-songwriter on "Tierra del sol bendita," a number on his new album that evokes his 20-year-old hit "Por estas calles."

"Tierra del sol bendita" is part of "Sueños clandestinos," which will be released in September and on which the artist once again fuses pop-rock with Caribbean musical genres, something that has characterized his career.

"'Por estas calles' has been around for 20 years and it occurred to me to give it a wink, revisit it," said the singer in an interview with Efe in which he recalled that many people in his country have been constantly asking him when he would come out with another song like that one.

"I told them that I had already done it, but recently I took it more seriously," said Yordano, who wrote "Tierra del sol bendita" after a night on which, upon arriving at his home in Caracas, he saw that his wife was smiling in her sleep and it seemed to him that she was dreaming.

He said that the song "has to do with violence, with the lives uselessly lost because of it, with the confrontation that there has been between different politics, ideas. I felt that 20 years after 'Por estas calles' it would be worth it to make a small reminder with another song."

This song is linked "with the terrible social breakdown, and those who suffer most are the poor," said the artist, who through his songs has transformed himself into one of Venezuela's urban chroniclers. EFE