The rapper Syko, who records for Don Omar's Orfanato Music Group label, was brimming with satisfaction Friday at being given the chance to write a song for Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias.

Syko told Efe that the opportunity came about during the presentation of the latest Don Omar disc, "Meet the Orphans: The new generation," when Iglesias' manager asked him to write a song for his next album.

Christian Ramos, a.k.a. Syko, acknowledged that his contact with Iglesias, son of Julio Iglesias, happened because of the success of the songs "Hasta que Salga el Sol" (Until Sunrise) and "Zumba," on which he worked with Don Omar.

"I felt super-pleased at the opportunity. I've already recorded the song, but Enrique still has to record the voice," Syko said from his home in Orlando, Florida.

He said that the process of composing the song, whose title has not yet been decided, was "a little more complicated" in comparison with some other tunes, due to the timbre of Enrique's voice, which is "sharper" than that of Don Omar.

Syko said he also has a disc ready with 16 numbers that include songs in the categories of rap, ballad, bachata, rock, soca and a mambo with Spain's Juan Magan.

"The album is a wrap. All we need is for Don to tell us when he wants to launch it," he said. EFE