Mexican writer Octavio Paz (1914-1998) inspired "Multiverse," the new disc by musician and educator Bobby Sanabria that blends different musical styles from jazz and rap to the Puerto Rican genre known as bomba.

"The disc was inspired by the Mexican writer's philosophy that the best civilizations have been fusions of different cultures, a multiverse" rather than a universe, "and that is what we Latinos are, a mix of African, Amerindian and European cultures," the musician told Efe.

Sanabria says that Latin jazz takes the lead in this album and is enriched by other genres to create a fusion comparable to Hispanic culture.

Sanabria, nominated five times for a Grammy, added that among the original tunes of his new musical project is "Que Viva Candido" (Long Live Candido), a tribute to the 91-year-old Cuban conga drummer, and "Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite," a tribute to Duke Ellington.

"Multiverse" also includes what Sanabria says is the first big-band fusion with rap, a big-band arrangement of the number "The Chicken" composed by saxophone player Pee Wee Ellis, one-time musical director of the James Brown band. EFE