Mexican actor Demian Bichir on Friday made a stout defense of films as an art that reflects the times, a good example being his latest film, "Savages," Oliver Stone's take on the world of drug trafficking.

The 48-year-old performer told Efe in an interview that movies like "Savages," to premiere in the United States on July 6, "put the finger in the wound of what the problem of drug trafficking really means."

The adaptation of Don Winslow's 2010 novel "Savages" portrays with raw credibility the clash between two young Americans who grow marijuana and a fictional Mexican cartel known for its savagery.

The film may well offend the sensibilities of some moviegoers but will undoubtedly attract "millions of people waiting to see a new work by director Oliver Stone," Bichir, nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor for the film "A Better Life," said.

"All through history men have lived in tragic times, very harsh, bloody times," and film is here to tell the story, said Bichir, son of an actress and a stage director and the brother of actors.

In "Savages" Bichir plays Alex, the lawyer of Baja cartel boss Elena, portrayed by Salma Hayek.

The cast also includes John Travolta and Benicio del Toro. EFE