A Hispanic-owned Texas firm that started five years ago in community television is now a supplier of audiovisual content for Internet social networks.

AGANAR Media Inc., producer of the Emmy-nominated syndicated talk-show "SuperLatina," which airs on Telemundo stations in Texas and New Mexico, has garnered attention from ad agencies nationwide for its Web segments.

Andres O. Suarez, CEO and co-founder of AGANAR, says advertisers are anxious to promote their products and services beyond traditional media.

"We begin to create audiovisual concepts using elements from our television program, such as interviews with celebrated artists," he told Efe.

"We use our personnel and experience to create unique content for those clients that can only be seen on their own corporate (Web) pages. That is, custom content for those firms that integrates the brand concept within an interview or humorous segment," Suarez said.

While it used to take 100 percent of AGANAR's resources to produce "SuperLatina," a weekly 30-minute show, the company is now in a position to devote 70 percent of its efforts to developing content for corporate clients, he said.

Another change from the early years, he said, is that AGANAR's Fort Worth studios turn out material in both Spanish and English in a push to reach second-generation Hispanics.

The key to success for AGANAR is finding a way to translate a million views on YouTube into sales, the Argentine-born entrepreneur said.

"Looking toward the future, I get the feeling that television, as the only small screen for audiovisual consumption, is giving way ... more and more to tablets and smart phones," Suarez said.

Gabriela Natale, host of "SuperLatina" and co-founder of AGANAR, likewise stressed the advantages of Internet social networks over television as an advertising medium.

"What we do allows for a brand to establish a point of communication with the consumer where he or she may be and give him or her a way to interact with the product, unlike television, which is unidirectional," she said.

"We will see more brands that are going to want to promote their products in places with more original content that has to do with their theme, and that's where we want to focus, in becoming an agency for development of audiovisual content for social networks," Natale said. EFE