Luis Manuel Avila, the malicious Onesimo Garza in Univision's comic telenovela "Por Ella Soy Eva" (For Her I'm Eve) is not only a versatile actor but also an artist at ease in other fields like music.

For example, the actor also performs in the regional Mexican duo Los Luises, together with singer and comedian Luis Antonio.

Avila, who is preparing to launch the duo's second album in August, believes his current success has a lot to do with the way he is now concentrating on his musical career.

"Right now there are a billion groups, most of them excellent. What makes us different is that we aim to entertain the whole family," he said in an interview with Efe, contrasting Los Luises' approach with that of other bands that sing about the Mexican underworld.

Avila was born in Mexico City and launched his artistic career as a stage actor.

But it has been his participation in successful telenovelas like "Camaleones" (Chameleons) and "El Triunfo del Amor" (The Triumph of Love) that made him one of the best-known actors in the medium.

"In 'Por Ella Soy Eva,'" Avila notes, "I'm the bad guy, but a very funny bad guy, because he's so bad he's comical. As an actor you have to know how to handle the transitions, to go from comedy to downright evil without losing believability." EFE