Dominican singer-songwriter Mickey Taveras told Efe Sunday that salsa "will never die" because "it is the mother of all Latin rhythms," and he complained about the "tremendous harm" that piracy does to composers.

Salsa "has its place, above merengue, above bachata, over reggaeton," Taveras said, adding that there is always that time when you need salsa that touches the heart or cheers you up.

Salsa is a classic sound, the singer of "Me gustas" (I Like You) said.

Taveras said piracy had forced him to change the way he markets his music.

"Basically, we make a small number of discs and use them for promotions and the ones you can, you sell directly to earn something," the 41-year-old singer-songwriter said.

"Piracy has done tremendous harm to composers, to authors, since people can get access to buy (music) very cheaply and you don't get back your investment," the Dominican salsa singer said.

Fans can buy music on the official Mickey Taveras Web site, the singer, who began performing as a Spanish rocker at the age of 12 in his hometown of Moca, said.

Taveras is performing Sunday in a free concert for residents of Rio Abajo, a Panama City neighborhood that lost several houses to a fire recently ahead of the 75th anniversary of its founding. EFE