Spanish darling Penélope Cruz may be solidifying with Alec Baldwin’s view of paparazzi.

The “To Rome With Love” actress, who has been making her rounds promoting the Woody Allen film in Los Angeles and in New York, says it infuriates her when paparazzi cross the line. She also claims the press in the United States does not respect the privacy of minors.

Earlier this week, Baldwin had a brief encounter with New York Daily News photographer, Marcus Santos, who attempted to snap photos of him and Latina fiancée Hilaria Thomas.

Santos says Baldwin was “looking mad,” and kept telling the photogs to “step back” before he allegedly “lunged” at him “like a raging bull.”

Entertainment gossip experts is reporting that Cruz said it drives her crazy when paparazzi stalk her loved ones.

“I don’t care when photos of me are taken,” the publication quotes Cruz saying as she promoted her new flick in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“But, when they take photos of my family or when they write about my family… especially when it involves small children, I can’t tolerate it.”

“Here there is no protection,” Cruz continued. “The faces of children can be shown [in the press] and I am against that 100 percent,” she said adding that it “should not be allowed.”

This isn’t the first time the stunning actress made headlines for her disgust with paparazzi snapping photos of her son.

While filming "Venuto al Mondo" in Sarajevoback, Bosnia in September, she had sharp words for a paparazzo, who took a picture of her with her infant son, whom she is trying to shield from the media.

"I know you. You published photos of me with my boy, though the agreement was you wouldn't do that. You should be ashamed of yourself!" Cruz told the reporter.

Bosnian media reported that the Oscar winner scolded the reporter for having snapped a photo when she was strolling with her husband, actor Javier Bardem, and their son Leo, through Bascarsija, the historical district of the Bosnian capital.