The five sisters who make up Las Fenix are making a video of their most recent single "Perfume" as they try to find their niche in the male-dominated world of Mexican regional music.

"It's really hard, because many men think we don't know what we're doing, and there are those who don't even believe we're playing our instruments live," Nadia Rodriguez, who together with Berna, Adela, Lesli and Anahi makes up the quintet, said.

The sisters not only play their instruments but also compose some of their own songs.

But some in the industry have no faith in the commitment that women have to a career in music, so consequently they don't give them the same chances that they do to male groups.

"They think that when we get married and have kids we're going to give it all up, so they don't take us seriously. But we've been making music for 12 years and we're just as committed to our career now as we ever were. We're going to show that women can work in harmony and not give up their dreams," she said.

The young women, who range in age from 15 to 20, began singing in 1999. It all began with the idea of surprising their dad with a song for his birthday.

But they were genuinely surprised to discover that he loved their music and urged them to take it seriously and make it a career.

Since then, Las Fenix have won accolades across the United States with tours that included new York, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta. EFE