The chain of Cervantes Institute libraries offers a new service for downloading digital books from the Internet that features more than 3,000 titles.

The service was created to promote the culture and language of Spain and Ibero-America and is available on: /libros_electronicos.htm, the institute said.

All users with a Cervantes Institute library card, an electronic reading device and connection to the Internet can access the entire contents of the collection from any part of the world.

The virtual library's catalogue includes classical and contemporary literature by Spanish and Latin American authors, children's books and works on linguistics, history and art.

There are three access categories, the first being the free download of the Cervantes Institute's own publications and of titles in the public domain, which the user can store on his electronic reading device without any time limit.

The second category, the loan, allows access to books subject to copyright, which can be downloaded for a period of 15 days.

Finally, there is the streaming of works like video stories for reading and viewing online - these are also available for 15 days.

The institute has made sure that the system is compatible with the greatest number of electronic devices, from computers and e-readers to tablets and smartphones.

The Cervantes Institute has libraries in more than 40 countries. EFE