Colombian singer-songwriter Monterosa is promoting his third album, "Vivo en Tu Amor" (Living in Your Love), in which he includes cuts in English as a decisive step into the U.S. crossover market.

Eric Monterosa told Efe in an interview at his Miami studios that the new album sums up the artistic evolution of his creations.

The Barranquilla native did say, however, that the title of the disc has no relation to the typical lyrics about "a couple falling in and out of love."

He composed the song "Vivo en Tu Amor" after a friend died of cancer.

"When they broke the news to me I had to grab the bad news and turn it into a song that could comfort someone in a painful moment and give that person the strength to be able to help those who really need it," he said about the rock-pop ballad.

He recalled that when he presented the disc onstage at Miami's Performing Arts eXchange and invited his friend's family, they thanked him for the gesture and said that with it they could "close that mournful chapter and see it from another angle."

For the first time Monterosa, after so many years living in Miami, wanted to compose in English and as a result included on the disc the numbers "Kitchen," "Long Way Home" and "Hate Me," specifically for "that Anglo audience that follows my music but has never understood a single lyric." EFE