Colombian actor John Leguizamo will return to the big screen with the fourth animated "Ice Age" movie, a film that he said reminded him of his childhood and allowed him to share with his children the experience of giving voice to a character.

"The great thing about these films is that you become a 5-year-old child again, you enjoy yourself, you get all crazy. It's like when you played alone in childhood," the actor told Efe during an interview in New York.

In "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift," which begins showing in theaters on July 13, Leguizamo once again provides the voice of the lazy bear Sid.

The star of this new animated film is Scrat, and his pursuit of an acorn, which he has been trying to get since the dawn of time, brings consequences that change the world, creating a continental cataclysm that leads to a big adventure for the mammoth Manny (Ray Romano), saber-tooth tiger Diego (Denis Leary) and Sid.

Jennifer Lopez also contributes her voice to the new film to bring life to Shira, a saber-tooth tigress who is in love with Diego.

The 48-year-old actor said he was proud that his children Alegra and Luca, ages 11 and 2, worked for the second time on an "Ice Age" saga as extras, making the voices of small animals.

"I loved it. I was so proud to see them there taping and they are very good. They put a lot of drama into their voices and added a lot of fear when they had to have fear, or laughter. They're good actors," he said. EFE

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