Author Mario Vargas Llosa on Monday emphasized the importance of the work of Agencia Efe, Spain's international news agency, in publishing news and the defense of culture in Spanish around the world.

The Nobel Prize-winning novelist made his remarks after holding a chat with writer Juan Cruz at an event organized by the Spanish Embassy and the Cervantes Institute in Dublin.

"Agencia Efe is part of a world vocation of our language to pour itself into the rest of the cultures and languages, and that must be maintained," the Peruvian-born writer told Efe.

"There is a certain perspective that is represented in both the culture of our language as well as the information that is embodied in an institution like Efe and that must be maintained without any doubt," he said.

Vargas Llosa echoed the opinions of writers, politicians and groups of journalists who in recent weeks have come out in defense of Efe, the world's largest Spanish-language news agency and the fourth-biggest overall.

As part of what has been designated "Brand Spain" abroad, the Peruvian writer emphasized the role of Efe within a context of constant growth of the language of Cervantes.

"Spanish is growing. It has a presence on practically all continents, is establishing beachheads in countries where it was not present and in countries like the United States it's nowadays a cultural, economic, political reality," Vargas Llosa said. EFE