Mexican architecture magazine Arquine has announced the launch of an interactive version for the iPad and other tablet computers, billing it as the first of its kind in Latin America.

"There's no (architecture) magazine in Latin America that has a digital version. Many have Web pages that function as blogs, which is what we've had since 2007, but ... Arquine is a pioneer in this version," architect Andrea Griborio told Efe.

Arquine will present this new application in Mexico City on June 7, a launch that coincides with the celebration of the magazine's 15th anniversary and which is aimed at disseminating architectural knowledge and insight via new media.

The application will be formally unveiled in a "Jam" session, or roundtable discussion, that will analyze the significance and scope of the various platforms for disseminating an architectural culture and bringing together and linking architecture, design and all that relates to the city.

Arquine's goal is to reach its audience - whether already established or not - in a more accessible way, Griborio said.

The new interactive platform is based on the print version of the magazine, which has been in circulation for 15 years in several Latin American countries, Europe and the United States. EFE