Argentine rock band Babasonicos is bringing out a vinyl version of its classic "Jessico," a new album and a documentary to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of the album that brought the band a worldwide following, keyboardist Diego Tuñon told Efe.

The artist, one of the founders of the pioneering psychedelic rock group, said the new album, "Carolo," will have 11 songs that were left out of "Jessico," which the Argentine press hailed as the best album of the decade.

Babasonicos was one of the star acts that performed over the weekend at the International Music Fair in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara.

The launch date for "Carolo" has not been set, but it will give fans an opportunity to see "the dark side" of an album that took the band to the breaking point, Tuñon said.

"Some of the songs are not that good, but it's good to see those attempts, and what you get when we push things by mixing them to improve them," Tuñon said.

The documentary, which will also be called "Jessico," was made by Argentine director Alejandro Arias and shows the creative process behind the album, practice sessions and part of a 2011 concert at the Recoleta Cultural Center in Argentina. EFE