Panama's Ruben Blades and Puerto Rican Cheo Feliciano this week released their salsa album "Eba Say Aja" after seven years of work in different recording studios.

Blades' public relations office in San Juan announced Wednesday in a communique that the new album has 12 songs, most of them recorded earlier by each of the artists, but this time with the voice of the other.

"This work represents a culmination of all that accumulation of experiences, going from the first time I heard him in Panama," said Blades to members of the print media in Puerto Rico.

Among the Feliciano songs that the 63-year-old Blades performs are "Nina," "De aqui pa' alla," "Franqueza cruel," "Los entierros" and "Busca lo tuyo," while the Puerto Rican does the same with songs by Panama's former tourism minister on "Dime," "Juana Mayo," "Manuela" and "Sin tu cariño."

The 76-year-old Feliciano, meanwhile, performed the unreleased number by Blades entitled "Inodoro Perez," while the pair united their voices on "Si te dicen" and "Lo bueno ya viene," the first single from this album, which has already had more than 60,000 digital downloads and has been moving into the top playing slots on radio. EFE