By Zayra Mo.


Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Tommy Torres fulfilled the dream of a follower with the song "Querido Tommy" (Dear Tommy), which has made him a social-network sensation and is the advance single from his upcoming disc that goes on sale this summer.

The artist, who two years ago distanced himself from the media out of "necessity," is back in the news with a song that was suggested on a social network.

"I've tried to stay in touch with my fans. I think it's very beautiful to be able to communicate with them directly with no middlemen," Torres told Efe during an interview at his recording studios in Miami.

"Querido Tommy" was suggested by a message from a follower who was in love and asked the artist on Twitter to help him tell a girl he loved her.

"At first I never thought it would be a single because more than anything it was an exercise," said the singer, who is now enjoying cyber-success with the song, whose video has attracted some 370,000 visits on YouTube in two weeks.

"When I presented it to my record label they told me it was an innovative idea and the song had a lot of heart. That's why we decided to launch it on social networks where the idea came from," Torres, who has a contract with the record label Warner/Chapell Music Latin America, said.

And together they found that launching it on social networks and not on traditional media like television has been "part of the magic."

Among those helping to promote the single are colleagues in the industry like Ricardo Arjona, Ricky Martin, the Jesse & Joy duo, Luis Fonsi, Ednita Nazario and Alejandro Sanz, who have lauded the song on their respective Twitter accounts.

But something that still astonishes him is that the youth who asked for the message, "and I only know that his name on Twitter was Paco," has made no further contact with Torres.

"It's a mystery - his Twitter account no longer exists. I hope he turns up and finds out what's happening," he said.

Torres, winner of several Latin Grammy Awards and author of the Ricky Martin hit "Tu Recuerdo" (Your Memories), said that the number has caused such a sensation that "we've had to bring forward the launch date of my new disc."

Torres, however, preferred not to give any details about his new album, as yet untitled, but said it would have 12 cuts.

"I'm still one of those people who think that a disc is a complete work of art. You can't give it out piece by piece," because the album tells a story, Torres said. EFE