Jessica Sanchez, the 16-year-old runner-up in the latest season of "American Idol", told Efe on Friday that she wants of model her career on what Beyonce has done, and that she doesn't rule out singing in Spanish in the future.

"Mostly I want to have more control over the way I do my own music, without having to worry every week about impressing the same group of three judges," the California native said.

"The style I want to explore is urban, with something of pop. Right now I need a little help writing the lyrics and the music, and I want to continue growing because I want to dedicate my whole life to music," Sanchez said.

With regard to Wednesday night's "Idol" finale, Sanchez said that aside from not being crowned the winner, she has already achieved more success than she ever thought possible.

"I have fans getting in touch with me from really faraway countries besides the Philippines and Mexico," she said, referring to the respective homelands of her mother and father.

The singer said that for now her priorities are recording discs and going on tour, though she also has other goals in the future beyond what she has already achieved.

"Despite the fact that I don't want to be exactly like her, Beyonce is the model I want to follow in developing my career. I like what she has done as a person, her modesty and the way she puts together her performances," Sanchez said. EFE